Some Firms Wills We MAY Store

Lost Last Wills – Where is that Last Will and Testament. Loss of Last Wills is really common: THE MOST COMMON ISSUE: they are totally out of date due to the lack of ongoing review (we recommend every 3 years as a minimum, or when family circumstances, the Law, or Tax change.  Rather the point of… Continue reading Some Firms Wills We MAY Store

Your Legal Planning Sorted

  Your Legal Planning SORTED For a brief outline of Legal Planning, go here. For a more detailed overview with videos, go here Legal Planning Basics – 2 Minute Legal Checkup Do you and your family deserve sound planning? Of Course…. 1. Who looks after your financial decisions if you can’t? Accident, sickness, or old age can lead… Continue reading Your Legal Planning Sorted

Find a Will

How to Find a Will. Looking for a Lost Will?   Please don’t contact us looking for a lost Last Will unless your Will was written by one of the named firms.  Here are some other methods of finding Lost Wills: Check with the deceased’s Bank and/or Building Society; Write to all Solicitors local to where… Continue reading Find a Will