Why Peace of Mind Service

Why the Peace of Mind Service Should Be Part of Your Legal Planning.

1. To keep you up to date and remind you to review thinks briefly at least once a year.  Tax changes, the Law changes and family circumstances are often changed by new children, grandchildren, marriages, divorces, lottery wins, deaths, disability and all the other odd things which happen in the typical family.  Hopefully not all in the same year!  Ready to get started?

2. To supply you with the information to enable you to be aware of potential problems: our Newsletter comes to you every year with news on changes in Tax and the Law which might affect your Legal Planning.  But importantly we send a checklist for you to run through (it takes about 5 minutes, that’s all.) If you find anything which may cause an issue, simply call the Helpline for no cost advice.  Nine times out of ten, the Helpline will be able to reassure you that no changes are needed – but at least you will know.  The tenth time, changes will be needed but you’ll usually get a substantial discount on normal fees.

3.  To keep your documents secure from interference, theft, damage and loss.

4.  To ensure your Executors (etc.) and relevant others ALWAYS have an easy way of finding your vital documents.

5.  To avoid the problems caused by constant name changes, amalgamations, bankruptcies, mergers of law firms and the consequent difficulty in finding and retrieving Wills, Powers of Attorney, Trusts and other legal documents.

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