Will Custodians Peace of Mind Service – how does it help you?

Our Peace of Mind Service protects you and your family.

Please note that enquiries should be by email and include your client number. Members will already have our 0800 Advice Line for free advice.

Did you know that anything up to one-third of all Last Will and testaments are lost, deliberately destroyed, or not signed properly?  Disappointed relatives’ greedy partners are one of the most common causes of destruction as they don’t benefit from your Will!   Many legal documents are left in banks and solicitors vaults because the people who need them have no idea where they are because there is no contact and just a simple letter acknowledging receipt which may have been lost years ago.

Is this what you want to happen with your Legal Planning?  Or do you want it to work as intended?

How does the Peace of Mind Service Help?

  • You are reminded to review your planning every year – with advice at no extra cost.
  • The people who need to know where your documents are and how and when they are able to obtain access (which is strictly controlled – for example, we need a death certificate and proof of identity from all executors before they can access the Will.  While you are alive, it is no one’s business but yours).  And they have nice laminated storage certificates which shouldn’t get thrown away accidentally.   You get one too.
  • Reminders (very gentle) of the Legal Planning jobs you have yet to sort out.  You may not want to do it know, but you may regret forgetting it entirely.  The consequences can be extremely expensive and personally disastrous – but Rome wasn’t built in a day. At least we can keep pointing you in the right direction.
  • Updates on changes in the Law and Tax which may affect your Legal Planning – the Government and judges seem determined to keep changing everything for some reason.
  • Annual checklist of family or domestic issues which may have arisen which may mean a review is needed.  It is surprising just how often things change.
  • It makes sure your Legal Planning Documents are safe and secure.
  • When your Legal Planning comes into play through death or disability, we’ll help to guide your executors or attorneys on the basic steps they should take and offer more detailed assistance (at a modest cost compared with most) if they need it.

The Will Custodian Peace of Mind Service is UNIQUE

and it is affordable by everyone, so why not download our form and join today – you won’t regret it, and you may well benefit tremendously on a personal level.   Your family will almost certainly feel substantial benefit over the years and may well save an absolute fortune.

Not just safe storage and review of Wills & legal documents – much more.

What will the Peace of Mind Service store?

  • Last Will and Testament.
  • Powers of Attorney and Lasting Powers of Attorney
  • Advance Medical Directives, Living Wills, Medical Proxy (but your doctor should have copies too).
  • Up to date list of contact details of beneficiaries etc.
  • List of assets and liabilities (but NOT account numbers please)

Safe but Accessible – but only to the right people.

Thousands of Wills and other documents are lost, mislaid and stolen every year, but thousands more are lost for no other reason than because no one knows where they are.

The consequences can be DISASTROUS for those left behind, with homes being lost, and inheritances going to entirely the wrong people under the Rules of Intestacy.

Who does the Peace of Mind Service work with?

We are happy to work with other professionals (and send out a personalised newsletter, tailored to them), or we are delighted to deal direct with the public.

Peace of Mind Service Service Levels – keeping your Legal Planning Documents safe and findable

Family Peace of Mind Service

This is an add-on to the Silver service which allows other family members or friends to pay a small additional subscription to benefit at a favourable cost as Silver level members. This allows you to extend the benefits to others from just £1.50 per month per person (or husband and wife). Ideal for helping younger family members to put sound Legal Planning in place.

Employee Peace of Mind Service

Make your own membership tax-efficient and add a significant Employee Benefit from just £1.50 per month per employee.

Why The Peace of Mind Service Should Be Part of Your Legal Planning.

1. To keep you up to date and remind you to review things briefly at least once a year.  Tax changes, the Law changes and family circumstances are often changed by new children, grandchildren, marriages, divorces, lottery wins, deaths, disability and all the other odd things which happen in the typical family.  Hopefully not all in the same year!  Ready to get started?

2. To supply you with the information to enable you to be aware of potential problems: our Newsletter comes to you every year with news on changes in Tax and the Law which might affect your Legal Planning.  But importantly we send a checklist for you to run through (it takes about 5 minutes, that’s all.) If you find anything which may cause an issue, simply call the Helpline for no cost advice.  Nine times out of ten, the Helpline will be able to reassure you that no changes are needed – but at least you will know.  The tenth time, changes will be needed but you’ll usually get a substantial discount on normal fees.

3.  To keep your documents secure from interference, theft, damage and loss.

4.  To ensure your Executors (etc.) and relevant others ALWAYS have an easy way of finding your vital documents.

5.  To avoid the problems caused by constant name changes, amalgamations, bankruptcies, mergers of law firms and the consequent difficulty in finding and retrieving Wills etc